Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. House key
  2. Key to my dad's house
  3. Car keys
  4. Key to a job that is no longer in business
  5. Key to my summer job
    Same owners as the job not in business anymore so I can still give it back
  6. Key to my third job
    Don't work there anymore, need to return it
  7. Key to my safe
    Mom bought it for me to take to college, never needed it and it's empty !!!
  8. Gym key-tag
    I am no longer a member
  9. Plymouth fitness key chain
    Specifically for the gym key-tag...
  10. Key to the house of the girl's I used to babysit
    They're old now and don't need me anymore !!! 😭
  11. What this list has tought me:
    I need to do some spring keychain cleanin' asap