The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  1. Isabella Stewart Gardner was the coolest woman 💯
  2. She collected over 3,000 books, and 2,500 pieces of art including paintings, sculptures, furniture, letters, photos, and more !
  3. I pretty much only took pictures of the courtyard garden !
    Mainly because pictures were not allowed on the 2nd-3rd floors and because it is SO beautiful !
  4. Look at the sky reflected in the window 😳
    The roof above the courtyard is all glass !
  5. She gets me and my love for this color combination oh my god.
  6. The hallways of the cloisters are brick and extremely dimly-lit (per Isabella's specifications).
    I felt like I had to whisper at all times and that every corner held a new secret !
  7. More museum facts:
  8. Things must stay in place exactly as she wanted them to be.
    A tour guide told me that if anything was to move, it would have to be auctioned off ! These particular pieces were a part of the "Chinese Loggia."
  9. If your name is Isabella, you can get in free forever !
    This is a part of the cloisters, with a sarcophagus in the left corner.
  10. Apparently Mrs. Gardner was an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox, so if you wear any Sox gear you get $2 off admission !
    ...I did not wear any Red Sox gear so I cannot say if this is 100% true but hey, worth a shot !!
  11. With a student ID, admission is only $5, and some Boston schools are affiliated and students can visit for free.
    Stained glass in the museum, I believe it was in the hallway after the Spanish Chapel.
  12. There is a cute gift shop in the museum lobby and the girls working were playing Liz Longley so obviously, much love for them 💕
    Liz Longley went to Berklee in Boston and she is a great singer/songwriter--check her out 😊
  13. I could live here. If you visit Boston, make sure to stop in--you will not regret it !! 🌺🌿🌼