1. M E A G H A N
  2. Literally only 7
  3. No more
  4. No less
  5. And somehow people that have known me for years still cannot spell it correctly
  6. For example, someone e-mailed me the other day...
  7. I have known her for 5 years
  8. And in the e-mail she sent to me, she spelled my name incorrectly
  9. When people spell my name wrong once or twice it's totally fine !!
    Because it is one of the more unique ways of spelling it and I never assume someone will know
  10. But the thing is...
  11. My full name is IN MY EMAIL ADDRESS !!
  12. And after years of knowing me, and having the correct spelling right in front of her, it makes me feel like she hasn't even taken the time to check
  13. Or that she doesn't particularly care
  14. And I just feel yucky about it
  15. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but it's a pet peeve
  16. ....
  17. My point is that sometimes just taking an extra step will mean the world to someone
  18. Because it shows them that you are paying attention. That you care.
  19. Anyways...
  20. ....
  21. The end.
  22. P.S.
  23. I'm really very nice and I promise I won't attack anyone who gets it wrong I just needed to rant a little bit !!
  24. ...
  25. P.P.S
  26. Don't even get me started about my middle name !
    Which isn't even that hard to spell either and yet, the saga continues