Inspired by @Lisa_Fav 's list about her friends in Brussels
  1. I'm so sad it is this way
  2. And I am deliberately saying "is" this way
  3. Because it does not HAVE to be this way
  4. I am heartbroken for everyone in Brussels, and for people like @Lisa_Fav who have to text their friends about their safety
  5. I am sad for everyone experiencing the tragedies that occur every day around the world
    Whether firsthand or secondhand
  6. The tragedies that we know about, and those that we don't
    The ones that are small, and the ones that are large. They ALL matter.
  7. The bombing in Istanbul just the other day is very close to my heart
  8. I have an aunt who lives in the states, but her whole family is from Turkey
    And most of them live right in Istanbul
  9. They are some of the kindest, most caring, wonderful people that I know
  10. I shouldn't have to check with my uncle to see if everyone is safe
  11. I shouldn't have to text my aunt about the safety of her family
  12. My heart is so heavy
  13. I don't have all of the answers...
  14. But something has to change.