Requested by @BWN_7
Thanks for the request @BWN_7 !! This is actually more than one memory, but it includes one of my favorites 😊
  1. My parents divorced when I was in first grade
  2. For the remainder of my childhood, and up until maybe my freshman year of high school (maybe earlier, maybe later ???) every other weekend was spent with my dad
  3. He moved around a lot, always somewhere pretty local and not too far from my house
  4. At the time of this particular favorite childhood memory, he was in living in Plymouth, MA
  5. One day he told us about a place he would sometimes go to sit and read quietly or to just take a walk...
  6. It was called Oak Grove/Vine Hills Cemetery
  7. At first, being young, my siblings and I thought he was crazy to be hanging out in a cemetery
    But we got over it pretty quickly, and thus a tradition started!
  8. The cemetery is not laid out in rows, rather everything is scattered about and there are so many trees and windy roads. It really is beautiful, especially in the fall!
  9. This is my favorite tree in the cemetery
  10. Every weekend he would take us to Dunks for a hot chocolate/coolatta (depending on the season) and then we'd drive there!
    My brother would also bring a football that we could throw around
  11. We would sip on our drinks, throw the football around, and walk our favorite routes while talking about anything we could think of!
    Life, historical facts, you name it. My dad also made us practice our math using dates on the headstones 💀
  12. My absolute FAVORITE memory here took place in the summertime:
  13. I was maybe 13 years old? I cannot remember...
  14. The day was like any other, we were walking, and enjoying each other's company...
  15. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it starts to DOWNPOUR.
    Huge, warm, summery rain drops started falling from the sky!
  16. After laughing and screaming a bit, we decided it was too late to turn back and continued our walk in the pouring rain ☔️
  17. My sister and I raced our flip flops down the side of the street where the water collects...
    And ran barefoot in the puddles
  18. My brother and dad continued to throw the football
    And slip and slide down the hills chasing after it
  19. And not one of us was upset about the rain.
  20. We got back to the car totally drenched...
  21. And it was so worth it.
  22. ❤️