1. Pepper is feeling much better ‼️
  2. As I write this, she is lying in the middle of a sunbeam on the floor ☀️
  3. That being said, she is still sick and is going to have to keep taking her medicine
    For her belly and for the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 😢
  4. Since I last listed about her, she has been to the vet twice for fluid injections
    Just because she was super dehydrated and it was not safe
  5. Eventually she took another medicine to soothe her stomach and has been pretty much fine since!
  6. I don't want to get too excited in case it's just been a good few days, but as of now she is holding down food and water consistently which is great!!
  7. Thank you to everyone that was so supportive and sent positive thoughts, this community is so great! 💕