Winter is awesome. I always have a hard time deciding which comes in first place between winter and autumn, and though I pick autumn, winter still fits into a snuggly place in my heart ❤️
  1. Warm Beverages
    Hot cocoa, hot cider, warm boozy beverages---warm drinks just make me feel fuzzy and happy (and not just bc of the booze...) HOWEVER I am a New Englander and for some reason prefer my coffee iced. It won't ever change.
  2. Winter Clothes
    Lorelai Gilmore is my soul sister in many ways. She understands and welcomes winter. The clothing of this season is cute and more versatile--peacoats, scarves, sweaters, boots, hats (if you are a hat person). Winter attire wins.
  3. Cold Weather
    Unpopular opinion: summer sucks. It sucks for many reasons but the biggest reason is: the sun. I would rather be freezing and curl under layers and layers of fuzziness. You sun worshippers can leave.
  4. Fires
    Ambient lighting is the only necessary lighting. Winter (and autumn) are seasons of ambient lighting. It's my jam.
  5. Sledding
    I do not think there is a better seasonal activity than sledding. And maybe jumping in piles of leaves. But mostly sledding.
  6. Snow
    Ahhhh, snow. To some, this is the cruelest four letter word. To me, it's like a special present. Nothing else can make the world look as beautiful as snow does And if you're from New England you just know how to function in the snow. It's in our genetic code! ❄️