1. In my town there is a place called the National Marine Life Center
  2. It is a mini-museum and education center, and mostly a hospital/rehab for injured sea mammals and sea turtles
    *this is basically their info section of the website:
  3. They participate in research for scientific purposes, and rehabilitate these animals until they are ready to go back into the wild!
  4. I just learned this year that you could attend their seal releases!
    You go to the beach and basically watch as they emerge from their crates healthy, happy, and ready to make their way into the world 💪
  5. I haven't been able to go yet, but it is now on my summer agenda ✔️
  6. This year the Seals are all named after celebrities!
  7. We have:
  8. Sealvester Stallone
  9. Vin Deseal
  10. Russeal Crowe
  11. Sealine Dion
  12. And Shaquille O'Seal
  13. Look at those loves! 💕
  14. If you are ever in Bourne, check to see if it's the day of a seal release...maybe I'll see you there 😉