Requested by @BWN_7
Thanks for the list request @BWN_7 !! I am waiting in a parking lot for a training I'm going to because I accidentally got here 45 minutes early !! 😁😁
  1. Scrolling through my social network feeds until I reach the last post I saw
    So stupid, and yet so necessary to me
  2. Movies
    I will watch the whole thing before I can allow myself to fall asleep !!
  3. Seasons of shows
    Eventually the whole series but it'll take me a while
    I honestly have the hardest time not finishing a serving of ice cream. Last week I had to throw some out bc it was cold outside and my hands were freezing and I just couldn't finish it and I felt like I was going through a sad.
  5. Food in general
    Gimme all the foodssss
  6. A task at work
    I get really over-zealous and feel the need to finish everything in one day. Mind you I work at a gift shop so if I had an even more important job I'd be 👌
  7. Books
    I cannot just stop reading a book. Even if I am starting to lose interest
  8. Puzzles
    Jigsaw, sudoku, etc etc.
  9. Albums!!
    I need to listen to the whole thing to get the entire feel
  10. Checking and deleting all unnecessary emails
    Along with notifications in general. I love a screen free of little red circles !!
  11. I'll probably think of more soon!