Inspired by @biz ...this is mainly food because let's be real here
  1. M&M's and raisins
    Eaten simultaneously; figured out through snacking on trail mix
  2. Traditional Lays potato chips dipped in ketchup
    See next bullet point
  3. Ketchup on mac&cheese
    I may lose followers over this. I'm sorry--I LOVE ketchup. I won't grow out of it. This also may not be too weird...
  4. Bacon on chicken salad sandwiches
    Clearly I'm all about really unhealthy foods..but this is a game changer.
  5. Seltzer water and ice cream
    Fizziness and creaminess--obviously why ice cream floats are a thing !
  6. Italian wedding soup with frank's red hot
    The spicier the better !!
  7. Windows open and heat blasting in the car during the winter
  8. When it's sunny out and it's also raining !!!!
  9. Shorts and long knee high socks as pajamas, or a long shirt and socks
    I feel like most people would just go for pants but nope, I love long socks !!!
  10. I'll probably come up with more eventually