Thank you so much for the request @nathanveshecco ! I love getting requests and this was excellent 😊 Sorry some of my responses are so long !
  1. When something is bothering me and I'm feeling anxious, music can reel me back in.
    It captures my attention, and allows me to clear my head in a way that I don't even notice. I'm constantly thinking about everything and music is really what takes my mind off of it all.
  2. I'm such a loser, but one time Matty Healy said in an interview that "music commands you how to feel" and it's so true.
    In general, I think you can choose how to react to most anything, but with music (at least for me) my emotions arise organically.
  3. It helps me to realize that I'm not alone. That there are others out there dealing with the same pain and confusion, and that it is OK!!
    I have the hardest time putting into words how I feel, so I'm incredibly appreciative of musicians who have done that for me!
  4. It makes me happy.
    Spontaneously busting out into killer dance moves, or remembering really happy memories associated with a particular song 💕
  5. It makes me sad.
    Some music is associated with a painful time in my life, other music is associated with times that I know I cannot go back to. The nostalgia can hit me like a ton of bricks.
  6. It has connected me with my dad.
    My dad is a music lover through and through. Mostly classic rock, but his kids have opened him up to some new stuff too! Growing up with divorced parents, my weekends with him consisted of music filled car rides.
  7. It makes me feel like I'm in a movie.
    You know when the song is perfect for your mood and mindset that you kind of feel like you're a character in your own movie? Or when you're literally the only person on the road (and it may or may not be raining) and you feel super dramatic?!
  8. It connects people.
    The best feeling in the world is to be at a concert where everyone has different emotions/memories tied to a song/music, but they are all together enjoying it as a collective whole. Music is the one thing that binds every one of them, even if it is just for one night. And I love hearing everybody sing the lyrics together. Ugh, so good.
  9. ❤️