1. My dog is sick. She has rocky mountain spotted fever which is a tick disease...
    I've listed about my pups before: ALL ABOUT MY DOG; WITH PICTURES 💕
  2. It is one of the more serious ones, and there are some very scary symptoms!
  3. The timeline for the disease varies and I'm not sure how long it was between her having a tick and seeing the vet...
  4. She has been on medicine for a few days but nevertheless I'm super nervous bc she still isn't her normal self...
  5. And unfortunately right now she isn't keeping her medicine down, and won't eat or drink at all.
  6. She is sleeping in my bed tonight and all I feel is her shaking, and it makes my heart so heavy.
  7. I don't think I'll even be able to sleep.
  8. She is only six years old 😢
  9. I just needed a place to clear my head and I'm staying as optimistic as I can.
    I tend to worry more than I should anyways.
  10. Any positive thoughts would be appreciated!