Outdated "Netflix and Chill" Terms

  1. Dial up and strip
  2. Radio and transmit
  3. Blockbuster and relax
  4. Morse code and beep beep
  5. Hotmail and heavy
  6. Forage and fondle
  7. You've got mail and nail
  8. Hulu and huuuuulllluuuu :)
  9. Light the fire and pitch the fork
  10. Drive in and out and in
  11. Amazon prime and tell her you're sorry and this doesn't usually happen
  12. Go to church and sing the hymns
  13. Yahoo and yahoo
  14. Put you on my MySpace top 8
  15. Napster and burn
  16. Till the land and harvest
  17. Hunt and gather
  18. Read the bible and monk
  19. Snood and snuggle