Apparently I have more than I thought. Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. To have a bigger place so I can buy more lamps.
  2. Automatic upgrades to first class every time I fly.
  3. To go to a mini city where we all have to drive tiny cars on tiny roads.
  4. To build an air conditioned dome above Dubai to protect us from the crippling heat and humidity.
  5. Lifetime supply of post-its in different colors and shapes.
  6. All junk food being healthy.
  7. Randomly swear at strangers just to see how they would react.
  8. Going to a room full of kittens where they eat little treats that look like cupcakes.
  9. Having a plant for longer than a week without killing it.
  10. To have a room in my apartment where I can do this whenever I please.
  11. Spend a month flying around the world in a private jet going to every major theme park in the world on a day where there are no queues.
  12. Having perfect eyebrows. Always.
  13. A suitcase that automatically packs and unpacks itself.
  14. A machine that can print, cut, and laminate everything within seconds.
  15. To be able to sleep within seconds, whenever I want - but not needing sleep to function.
  16. Play with Misty one more time.
    What a babe.
  17. Being able to download your shopping from your computer so you can have your new stuff there and then 😀
  18. Eliminate the word "discharge" from the English Language.
  19. Not having to explain why snakes are disgusting.
  20. Buttons that I can press that automatically changes the colors of my nails to match my outfits.
  21. Typing on a keyboard where the keys are really clicky.
  22. Free coffee for life.
  23. Minimize or eliminate the time between switching on an air conditioner and waiting for the space to cool down.
  24. Influential contributions to the frequency and duration of public holidays.
  25. Having the power to un-watch a series so I can watch it all over again and enjoy it just as much.
  26. Correct use of apostrophes.
  27. To wake up naturally at a respectable hour every morning.
  28. Discontinuation of all bills. Phone, Internet, credit card... 😳
  29. To be able to throw a glass/breakable item at a wall to show my anger.
  30. Social acceptance of swearing at people via email.