This was when I worked in a school a couple of years ago. Safe to say that I still get PTSD whenever I think back on this experience.
  1. Saying 'hi' means that she will give you an hour by hour detailed explanation of what she's done since she last saw you.
    Your pet budgie laid two eggs? Good for you 🙄
  2. She will tell you exactly what to do... WHILE you are doing it.
    *loads printer with paper* "Hey could you just load up the printer with paper please?"
  3. She will respond on your behalf when someone asks you a question.
  4. She will decide to speak to you the most ONLY when her mouth is full of food.
  5. Her voice will be unnecessarily loud and screechy. At all times.
    Such a joy for a 6.30am start!
  6. She will send you an email asking you questions about something which was explained in an email sent 10 minutes prior.
  7. Selective Amnesia.
    Never forget what time your lunch break starts but ALWAYS forget when you are on playground duty.