My daughter, Georgia, is making up a story. Here are elements.
  1. Princess Snowcakes
  2. Chocolate snail cakes
  3. These are my doll kids
  4. Snowcakes bakes any kind of cakes you want. Jelly bean, fruit, toy and snail. They are very special.
  5. Nice boys and nice girls you can met Snowcakes. Bad boys and bad girls you can say hi to Snowcakes.
  6. Snowcakes looks suspiciously like Anna from "Frozen."
  7. One of the mean boys called Snowcakes, Glowcakes. They should go in timeout!
  8. Don't make cakes in-beautiful.
  9. This is Snowcakes.
  10. Christmas is coming up.
  11. You know what's best of all?! We get to stay in our pajamas.
    She's not wrong. That would be pretty awesome.
  12. There's a slumber party. The good boys and good girls get to sleep in a bed. The bad boys and bad girls have to sleep on the floor.