If I am left to my own devices for more than five minutes my anxiety spirals out of control.
  1. *Thinks an anxious thought*
  2. Oh shit.
  3. Where did this thought come from?
  4. Was it organic or was it caused by my anxiety?
  5. Is there a difference?
  6. How do I know when a thought is real or when it's just useless brain noise?
  7. I'm thinking about this a lot. It must be true.
  8. That doesn't make sense. Am I actually thinking of this repeatedly or am I just obsessing over the fact that I thought it in the first place and now I can't let it go?
  9. This thought isn't real.
  10. Well I'm thinking about it so it's real.
  11. This thought doesn't matter.
  12. Then why am I thinking of it so much?
  13. Do I actually feel this way or is it a random thought my anxiety has created?
  14. Of course I don't feel this way.
  15. Then why am I anxious?
  16. Stop thinking about it.
  17. I can't.
  18. I'm thinking about it again. That definitely means it's true.
  19. That's completely illogical.
  20. I know in my gut this thought is not true.
  21. Am I sure though?
  22. Like really sure?
  23. I don't know anything anymore.
  24. Everything's okay.
  25. Okay?