As I've re-watched Parks and Recreation over the years, I've learned that the heart of the show lies in the characters and their relationships to each other. No matter how funny a joke is, it cannot resonate with an audience if they don't care about the people involved. I love that I'm able to see a little bit of myself in every character.
  1. Ann's reluctance to exercise paired with self acceptance. Like Ann, I'm well aware that I could take better care of my body, but "God, at what cost?"
  2. Leslie's enthusiasm for helping others, even when no one notices or cares. I hope to make the world a little bit better before I leave it. Also, "more dog parks"? Leslie gets it.
  3. Ben nerd-ing out over everything from Princess Bride to Game of Thrones. Ben loves what he loves without shame. He played Settlers of Catan at his bachelor party! Also him telling his masseuse that his muscle tension is from worrying about the new Star Wars film is one of my favorite moments in the entire show.
  4. Ron's hunger. I feel like I could maybe be a vegetarian if it wasn't for the fact that I could tuck into a plate of ribs, steak, or bacon at a moments notice. Ron knows what he's about, and so do I.
  5. April's appreciation for liquid courage is mutual. Sometimes I feel sad or stressed but then I remember that I'm 21. Thanks alcohol! (The Leslie in me says please drink responsibly)
  6. I may be more financially responsible than Tom but damn if "TREAT YOSELF" wasn't life changing. Tom and Donna have taught me to be more self loving, without being selfish.
  7. Andy not wanting to worry his friends with his mental health is a big one for me. Like Andy, I'm a generally happy person and I don't like talking about negative things, so it builds up in me until it spills out all at once. "Oh, I'm fine. It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired."
  8. Ben's penchant for puns and wordplay. Because Low-Cal Calzone Zone? Genius.
  9. April's disdain for humanity. I love spending time with friends and family but damn if news articles and political debates don't make me fear for the general state of society. Dogs would never do that to me.
  10. Leslie's pride in being a woman and the way she values her female friendships. @roxysimons26 and I trade compliments like no one's business. I just really need her to know that she shines like a thousand dandelions blossoming in the summer sun and that her voice is like a trillion baby angels, okay?
  11. Ann's awkwardness. We both try so hard.
  12. Jean Ralphio's terrible freestyle rapping
    That's my brand.
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