1. Absolute sadness - crying in the shower, eating half a tub of ice cream, unfollowing them on Facebook sadness. It's all the cliches you see in movies except it's real and it sucks. Everyone tells you that you will be O.K. in no time but right now you're in the shit - so cry as much as you want. ✌🏻️
  2. The worst cleaning day of your life - Returning their things in a box that seems a lot smaller than you thought it would be, throwing away their toothbrush, drinking the full bottle of rum they left in your freezer.
  3. Seeing them all the time when you're with mutual friends and not saying anything - "Hello friend, this is fine there's not tears in my eyes, I enjoyed your play/party/game night very much and I'm super not trying to look at my ex with my peripherals, wow look at the time I need to go immediately." 😬
  4. Reaching out to them way too soon - did you see that article about (thing we used to enjoy together)? This message is casual hahahaha. They will either ignore you or respond with a simple and cutting "👍🏻"
  5. Meeting them for "closure" and it being actually okay - you might make a joke that doesn't land while trying not to cry but eventually the conversation will flow more easily and you'll be glad you met in a coffee shop so that you can hold a cup tightly and not think about how you used to hold their hands/heart/etc.
  6. Seeing them around town and not freaking out - well this was unexpected but the knot in my stomach is a little smaller than it was last time and you look happy, and hey I'm actually pretty okay too.
  7. Inviting them to your birthday party - there's enough people here that this isn't weird, right? 😅
  8. Realizing that they're with someone else and being sad that they moved on faster than you. Then understanding that nothing is a race and everyone moves at their own speed 🐢
  9. Loving yourself again. Feeling complete even when you're alone. Or alone with your cat. 🐱
  10. Finally allowing yourself to fall for someone else. Recognizing those shiny, wonderful "holy shit there's butterflies in my stomach" emotions and welcoming them like old friends.
  11. Realizing that your heart is bigger than ever. 💙💚💛♥️ Godspeed friends. You really will be okay. 👌🏻