But never got to
  1. Re-learn French, 30 minutes a day, using an old college textbook.
    Yes, I actually gave myself homework the summer after I graduated college. I thought it would look good on a resume. Instead I'm just going to write "Conversational French" and hope that never comes up in an interview.
  2. Finally achieve clear skin
    I'm now convinced that this is an elusive honor only bestowed on a few fortunate souls. I'll be doing acne treatments well into my 90s.
  3. Go to a bingo hall with my boyfriend
    He just really loves bingo and I love him but bingo halls are never open when we have free time so I guess we will never get to waste our money in one of those smoky cigar filled screaming halls
  4. Create a book club online to connect far flung friends
    A really cute idea that no one actually has time for. Maybe I'll attempt this again in the fall. Book clubs are more of an autumn thing anyway, right?
  5. Go see any movie that looked mildly interesting
    Who has movie money these days? I'd rather save my $12 and carelessly spend it on something more important. Like food, probably.
  6. Exercise twice a week