I know I have branded myself as the perpetually annoyed girl in my previous lists (and I am) but sometimes I'm happy too and here's why. B t dubs this a running list that I read over from time to time to brighten my typically annoyed mood.
  1. Kisses from babies
    Or dogs, they're on the same cuteness level
  2. The smell just after it rains in the summer
  3. A white Christmas
  4. A good cup of coffee
    Some cups just stand out amongst the rest
  5. Sweet old people who say things like "Have a blessed day"
  6. When two people on a show you watch finally get together
    Jim and Pam, Meredith and Derek, Jess and Nick, Mindy and Danny - must I go on?
  7. Crappy wine and pizza
  8. A good grade that you really worked for
  9. Going home after a long time away
  10. Getting to wear clothes you haven't in a while because the seasons change
  11. Shopping for home decor for the house I don't have
  12. Fresh popcorn at the movies with lots of butter
  13. Watching the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade with my parents
    My dad always makes hot chocolate as an added bonus