Everything you need to complete the holidays.
  1. Christmas playlist
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  2. Christmas tree decorating with the fam
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  3. Mini Christmas tree decorating by myself
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  4. Cookie making plans
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  5. Decorate my moms house with her
  6. Two words. Black. Friday.
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  7. Get each person 1 gift. Unless I really really like them.
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  8. There's nothing wrong with buying myself some candles
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  9. Watch that Rudolph movie I love but can't remember what it's called or who's in it
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  10. Watch the classic Christmas movies
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  11. Watch Elf at least 4 times
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  12. Take up a craft
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  13. Drink hot cocoa
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  14. Ice skate with friends
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  15. Make New Year's Eve plans in advance
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  16. Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade
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  17. Watch all of the football on thanksgiving
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  18. Make sure my car is winter prepared
  19. Plan what to do for the first snow!
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  20. Build a snowman
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  21. Throw a snowball at someone. Probably Cole.
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  22. Put some alcohol in hot cocoa
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  23. Make a list of thanks
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  24. Dress animals in Christmas outfits
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