Everything you need to complete the holidays.
  1. Christmas playlist
  2. Christmas tree decorating with the fam
  3. Mini Christmas tree decorating by myself
  4. Cookie making plans
  5. Decorate my moms house with her
  6. Two words. Black. Friday.
  7. Get each person 1 gift. Unless I really really like them.
  8. There's nothing wrong with buying myself some candles
  9. Watch that Rudolph movie I love but can't remember what it's called or who's in it
  10. Watch the classic Christmas movies
  11. Watch Elf at least 4 times
  12. Take up a craft
  13. Drink hot cocoa
  14. Ice skate with friends
  15. Make New Year's Eve plans in advance
  16. Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade
  17. Watch all of the football on thanksgiving
  18. Make sure my car is winter prepared
  19. Plan what to do for the first snow!
  20. Build a snowman
  21. Throw a snowball at someone. Probably Cole.
  22. Put some alcohol in hot cocoa
  23. Make a list of thanks
  24. Dress animals in Christmas outfits