1. 🍆
    Let's get real. This is not an eggplant, it is a penis. and penises are hilarious. Especially when dropped into a text completely out of context.
  2. 🍑
    Guys, is this or is this not an ass?
  3. 🙄
    Because this is literally my face 80% of the time.
  4. 😒
    This is my face the other 20%
  5. 🐙
    I feel as though if this octopus were a person we would be best friends.
  6. 👯
    And this is what me and the human octopus would looks like as emoji best friends.
  7. Because it is way more accurate than ⛄️
  8. 🖇
    Because how many times have you needed an emoji of paper clips and this one 📎 just wouldn't cut it?
  9. 🇨🇦
    Because I'm f*cking patriotic! And this 🍁 just wasn't doing the job.
  10. 🕳
    It's a hole. If the guy who thought of this emoji wasn't so pumped to pitch this idea at the emoji meeting. And as if everyone was mad that they never thought of it.