Like many millennials the struggle to pick the perfect career, is real! Here is a list of some of the careers I dreamed of having, while growing up. Please note only two of them ever happened.
  1. A cashier.
    You know those play sets you had growing up, with the till, fake money, and if you were lucky a little conveyor belt to put your plastic groceries on? Anyways when I was young I thought this was the greatest job in the world. You get to handle money (which at age 5 is a big deal) and you get a sweet employee discount
  2. Please note I did become a cashier at the tender age of 16 (it was my first job).
    The moral here is, don't give up on your dreams. Especially of they are very small dreams — like becoming a cashier
  3. A bank teller.
    This was one step up from a cashier. Again the appeal of handling money stuck with me. I remember stealing withdrawal slips when I went to the bank with my parents and filling them in my spare time... For a bank account I did not yet have.
  4. An illustrator.
    I love drawing and painting. This seemed like a no-brainer. I then went to art school, as the first step in achieving this dream— turns out the other kids were way better than me. So that dream got crushed real fast.
  5. An art teacher.
    You know what they say, what you can't do teach.
  6. Turns out a lot of people are also better teachers, than me. So... That's another dream down the toilet.
  7. A plastic surgeon.
    I wanted to be able to help people. You know reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. And maybe get a hook up for my own boob job. Turns out you need really good grades in science to be a doctor. I did not have really good science grades.
  8. Marketing.
    I figured out, in university that I wanted to get into marketing. I thought it was perfect, I could make lots of money (see that theme stuck with me). I could be creative. And I didn't need good science grades.You should note this is the second job I actually did. I'm currently in the marketing industry, and I love it. Screw your science!
  9. A pop star.
    This has been an on going dream since I was probably 4. How cool would it be to be like Britney Spears? To be so successful, then shave your head, and still come out of it super successful?? That's the dream. However I cannot sing, or dance, and I am not photogenic at all. Therefor a pop star career is not in my future.
  10. If I had become a plastic surgeon I could have modified myself to be more photogenic— then I would have a real shot at being a pop star. Just auto-tune my whole album, and I would be a success.