Inspired by @pipercurda
  1. Mindy Kaling
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    Let's get real, she's everyone's dream BFF.
  2. Mark Ruffalo.
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    He's the hulk. Every year for Halloween my squad could dress up as the avengers, and have the real Hulk.
  3. Beyoncé
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    I was hesitant to have Bey in the squad, because odds are she would de-thrown me as head-of-the-squad. But, she brings a lot to the table. I imagine we would recreate her 7/11 video anytime we vacationed together.
  4. Aziz Ansari
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    I feel like Aziz is the kind of guy, who when you're going through a break up will come over and shit talk your ex, over a tub of ice cream
  5. B.J Novak
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    So I could have more of an influence over his lists. He really needs to do one ranking movie roles I would have crushed.
  6. Betty White
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    She's in her 90's and cooler than anyone I know.
  7. Seth Rogen
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    Every friend group has that couple who has a crazy amount of sexual tension. And everyone else wonders 'will they/ won't they'? That would be Seth and I. At the end we probably won't, and decide we're better off as friends. But maybe we make out one New Year's Eve when we both are single. But that's it.