Name ideas for our 4th baby, a boy, after having only girls
  1. Montanna Jude Jr.
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    I think this is a common inclination in fathers. He's lived his whole life with this crazy name, and it's served him well. He was named after Joe Montana, and the misspelling was either ignorance or an attempt to "set apart," or as Montanna said once, "my mother hates me." She doesn't.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt
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    With a name like Montanna, you're bound to suggest something interesting. The man, the myth, the mustache. Nicknames abound.
  3. Augustus/Augustin/August
    This name is my attempt to get to the nickname Gus. The full name is strong, nickname cute. Mentioned this to our 4 year old and she said, "like Disgust?" :/
  4. Felix Jude
    Great grandfather's name and Dad's middle name. Popular but chosen with meaning, kind of the best of both worlds. Love the meaning. It's my top choice.
  5. Ivor
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    Ancient Scandinavian name. I like the way it sounds. First heard saw it in Richard Llewellyn's 1939 Welsh novel "How Green Was My Valley." I think this name could be a real winner paired with the right middle name, but I feel it will be discarded due to lack of sentimental attachment.
  6. Griffin
    From the mythical creature Gryphon to the Welsh name Gryffydd to Gryffindor, this name is cool. Nice nickname in Griff. But is it just cool? I prefer this spelling to others because it is the most accessible.
  7. Ulysses
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    One of Greek mythology's best "characters," Odysseus is known for his cleverness, his wily ways, and his (if forced) wanderlust. A perfect name for a little Gemini-to-be. I prefer the Roman version of the name of this Greek hero.
  8. Harrison
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    Paternal grandfather's middle name, maternal grandmother's maiden name. Classic name. Perhaps a bit lacking in flavor, but don't tell that to Harrison Ford, eh?