After a while "Meg" gets a little boring
  1. Nutmeg
    A delicious way to spice up your drink as well as a sly way to call me crazy while disguising it as a pet name.
  2. Hot Meghan
    After a night of too many vodka cranberries I woke up to a text from two different strangers looking for this girl
  3. Megafew
    Makes me feel like an old English knight
  4. Megan/Meagan
    Poor little "h", always forgotten
  5. Mark Henkins
    As Queen B says, "If I were a boy..."
  6. Stankface Harkins
    I suffer from severe resting bitch face
  7. Juilliard
    That's what I get for being an actor/singer/improvisor (oh my god, I'm an improvisor, it's still so crazy)
  8. Meggie Doodle Bug
    The pièce de résistance: my childhood nickname coined by sweet Mama H
  9. Hark the Shark
    A very sarcastic nickname given to me by my 4th grade gym teacher because I refused to run in our touch-football game.
    An autocorrect error or the most badass nickname yet?