Things I love that most people hate

  1. Writing emails
    One of the most valuable skills I bring to a friendship. I will write, rewrite, and edit your emails to your boss, to the hiring manager at the company you're trying to get a job at, to your mom, I don't care, I love it.
  2. Public speaking
    This is prob a byproduct of loving to hear myself talk + preferring time to organize my thoughts rather than going off on a tangent spontaneously in actual conversation and getting my words all mixed up.
  3. My little brother
    Actually not an annoying kid. He never played weird pranks on me, he takes spiders outside for me, he's probably the funniest person I know, texts me back most of the time, at least an A-
  4. Rain
    I've lived in California and Florida, but I'm never happier than when I'm in the PNW rain.
  5. Mornings
    Dark morning skies + fleece blankets on the couch + hot coffee + quiet house and dim lights = the best time of the day
  6. Diet soda
    Does it taste like the regular stuff? No. Do I want it to? Hard pass.