Things I Never Expected to Happen to Me

A little bad and a lot of good. I'm pretty lucky.
  1. Live in a different country and three different states
  2. Get accepted to the theatre program at my university
  3. Recover from an eating disorder
  4. Be hospitalized
  5. Stay in a 5 star hotel
  6. Hook up with foreign boys in Europe
  7. Work for Disney
  8. Drive cross country (twice)
  9. Go wine tasting
  10. Slide down a 120 ft tall body slide at 60 mph (and get paid for it)
  11. Play the lead in a show
  12. Save a life
  13. Dye my hair
  14. Make my boss cry happy tears
  15. Be interviewed by the media
  16. Join a sorority
  17. Go on a cruise
  18. "Work" on a film set
  19. Compete in a singing competition
  20. Bar hop
  21. Learn to confront someone
  22. Be a regular somewhere (like 5x and always Starbucks)