1. Soaked in Bleach
    My love for Kurt Cobain has resurfaced in a really insane and obsessive way and I have told every person I know about this documentary and I want to watch it over and over so I can find a way to save Kurt.
  2. Blackfish
    100% of me hates this documentary and 100% of me wants to rewatch it everyday.
  3. 30 for 30: I Hate Christian Laettner
    THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. i don't know if 30 for 30 counts as a documentary but it does for this list because this one is one of my favorites.
  4. 30 for 30: Prince of Pennsylvania
    The movie Foxcatcher was not good. The real life story was way more interesting
  5. The Jinx
    Yes I'm counting a miniseries, too. This list is out of control. This has the best ending to anything I've ever watched-- documentary or not. So unbelievable.
  6. Making a Murderer
    Everyone who has Netflix is obsessed with this--including me. It makes me more angry than Serial and I finished it within 3 days of it premiering and I'm still just as upset about it I was then.
  7. Food Inc
    I was horrified when I watched this and every day since I have been trying to unwatch it.
  8. There are four billion more-- this list is a work in progress