We all have instagrams that we just don't know how to caption... Look no further!
  1. doing what i do best: killing the game!!!! ha ha i am sorry
    If you look like you're killing the game in your pic, but you are kind of apologetic about so obviously killing the game, choose this caption!!!
  2. see this smile on my face? it's on my face for a reason... if u know the reason, comment below lol good luck (no jokes plz)
    If you are smiling in your pic for a particular reason and if you are also open to comments on the pic, choose this caption!!!
  3. hanging out just like our ancestors did lol i guess we're pretty retro but idk for sure
    If you are just hanging out in your pic but you also think you might wanna add a historical vibe to the post, choose this caption!!!
  4. the all-american pastime: eating good grub!! ha ha
    If this pic is of you eating food or of a plate of food and you wanna appear patriotic, choose this caption!!!
  5. psh i wish my haters would look at me now :-)
    If you are doing something awesome in your pic and you have/had haters, choose this caption!!!
  6. thinking about all the good times of the past....... ha ha those were some good times!
    If you look contemplative in this pic but also like you've had some good times before, choose this caption!!!
  7. ha ha this is a pic!
    If your pic is a pic, choose this caption!!!
  8. i am having some fun
    If you are having fun in your pic but maybe not too much fun, choose this caption!!!
  9. i haven't smiled in 7 weeks
    If you are not smiling in your pic and if you actually haven't smiled in 7 weeks, choose this caption!!!
  10. i am not getting into heaven
    If you are probably going to hell, choose this caption!!!
  11. instagram has ruined my life
    If Instagram has ruined your life, choose this caption!!!