1. "We're not creepy! We're perfect!"
  2. "I mean, who doesn't like Target? Go to hell, man!"
  3. "Why do people keep talking to me? I'm really not that friendly."
  4. "Your butt should be registered as a lethal weapon."
  5. "Yeah but I do gaf."
    (After I told her I dgaf)
  6. "I think you're a duff."
  7. "Oh god, those poor people."
    (When I told her I was meeting my sister's roommates)
  8. "She better go to the damn festival. She already bitched about it 12 times."
    (Listening to the 'Into the Woods' soundtrack in the car)
  9. "Never met a potato I didn't like."
    (Then she listed all kinds of potatoes)
  10. "You exhaust me."