Moments my dog likes me the least

Also cute pictures of Moogle
  1. When he is out of food and I won't give him more right then. He just ate the food on the floor around his bowl and gave me a side eye
    Screw you, mom.
  2. On the rare occasion when we wake up before the dog before work, he does not like us making him get up and go to the bathroom
    I don't do mornings, except when I wake you up a half hour before your alarm goes off. I love mornings those days.
  3. When we expect him to walk across the tile kitchen floor when food is cooking
    This stands between the living room (carpeted, where he's fine) and outside (down stairs, also carpeted). Never likes it, but actively won't do it if the oven or stove is on. And sometimes if he's just tired or other irrational reason.
  4. When we leave in the morning and he is awake. and we leave.
    If he is sleepy, could care less. If he is awake, it's like we are abandoning him for life.