Things I miss about living in Michigan

Besides people ::meh:: [just kidding, love you guys], things I miss about the mitten. Warning in advance, there's a lot of food.
  1. Watching sunsets over Lake Michigan
    I live 4 miles from Lake Michigan in Chicagoland, so while the water and beaches are similar, there's nothing like relaxing and watching the sunset with a juice box (I was a kid last time I was able to do this. Don't judge)
  2. Chili cheese fries
    Sure, you can sort of get places to make them elsewhere (I'm looking at you, Steak N Shake), but it's not a common menu item. And if you find it, the chili (and thus taste) is really not the same. Others might replace this with coney dogs (chili, cheese, onion, hot dogs), but I feel about hot dogs similar to dicks- you don't really know what's gotten inside there or where it's been. Gross. No thank you (except my husband. I know where that's been, but I'm good without chili and cheese there)
  3. Long weekends on Mackinac Island
    While the east coast blows their load over the vineyard, the hamptons, and the cape, Mackinac Island has all these beat any day of the week. From most places in Michigan it's less than 4 hours drive, so doable for a weekend. Now, the idea of driving 7 hours down and entirely around Lake Michigan sounds terrible. Cars are banned, so it smells like this wonderful combination of fresh water, fudge, and happiness. And maybe a little horse shit. But it's awesome, I promise
  4. Faygo slurpees
    They didn't even exist when I lived there but they do no and eff I want a rock and rye slurpee so hard
  5. Greenfield village
    My first job, and despite having insanely ridiculous stories from there, I love that place. History respect.
  6. Pasties
    Not the nipple covered, but the northern Michigan handheld meat pie consisting of beef, carrot, onion, potato, and rutabaga. Aka amazingness. The only thing better than a pasty to a teenage Michigander boy is a woman in pasties sharing her pasty. See what I did there?