1. Anticipation
    When? Where? What's next from our favorite singer?
  2. Receipt of the email
    The cry heard 'round the Mattwork, "Matt Mail!"
  3. Planning
    Which shows can you swing? Feverishly looking at your schedule, GPSing how far away shows are, looking for flights, rental cars & hotels.
  4. Strategizing
    Find out who's planning the same shows as you and which of you is going to buy tix for which shows.
  5. Presale!
    The time has come to try & get your tickets before the rest of the world.
  6. Despair
    You didn't have all the success in the presale that you had hoped for.
  7. General sale day
    Time to buy those tickets!
  8. Waiting
    Countdown until your tour date(s) is (are) here...
  9. Showtime!
    Your date(s) has arrived. The excitement is palpable. The show is all you expected. And more.
  10. PCD
    Post Concert Depression. The struggle is real. Your dates are done and the sadness is legit.
  11. Anticipation
    When's the next tour date?