Inspired by @vmacies and a few other lovely listers who have already shared their ideas. (@BNOTE - what do you think?)
  1. Wadsworth: Zachary Levi
    Is it weird that I think he'd be great at this? He's a little goofier than Tim Curry, but I feel like he'd be fantastic with the physical comedy required. Plus, if it ever became a play, he could seamlessly make the switch.
  2. Colonel Mustard: Samuel L. Jackson
    He's the Colonel Mustard we never knew we needed. He could add in a few f-bombs and really add some intensity to all of the silliness.
  3. Mrs. White: Rachel McAdams
    Weirdly, I feel like she's got enough crazy in her to make this work. I don't think she'd need to look as severe as Madeline Kahn, but she would still be quick-witted and lethal.
  4. Miss Scarlet: Marisa Tomei
    Have you seen her as Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny? Her sass and side-eye would be PERFECT.
  5. Professor Plum: Jason Sudeikis
    He can definitely do the slimy, pervy thing. He's got charm, but it doesn't always come off as positive. Plus, I think he'd expertly deliver the lines about the UN during the dinner scene.
  6. Mrs. Peacock: Diane Keaton
    Queen of ensemble movies. She would be wonderful as the zany Mrs. Peacock. I can just see her eyes bugging out as a strange, but sweet, homage to Eileen Brennan.
  7. Mr. Green: Lee Pace
    He could play on his bashfulness and naïveté from his Pushing Daisies days and be totally unassuming.
  8. Yvette: Krysten Ritter
    She would be a more surly and cynical Yvette, but still hilarious.
  9. Mr. Boddy: Woody Harrelson
    He's used to playing parts where he doesn't seem to care about much and is a wise ass like the original Mr. Boddy.
  10. The Cook: Maya Rudolph
    Is this too much to ask for Maya in such a small role? I feel like she'd take great pleasure in banging the gong at the start of dinner.
  11. The Cop: Tom Hanks
    I'm thinking of his role in Catch Me If You Can and it just seems right.
  12. The Motorist: Adam Driver
    I feel like he would bring a little more mystery to the part and I just like him.
  13. The Singing Telegram Girl: Aubrey Plaza
    She would be darkly funny in this little bit part.