Inspired half by the new trailer being released and the other half by @sshemchuk's awesome Parks & Rec autobiographies list. Now, what I wouldn't give to read Kirk's...
  1. Eccentricity and Caffeine: A How-To for Talking Fast, Kicking Ass, and Getting Things Done
    By Lorelai Gilmore
  2. Where You Lead: Following the Footsteps of My Mother
    By Rory Gilmore
  3. Manners That Matter and Other Forgotten Pleasantries
    By Emily Gilmore
  4. Bowties, Cigars, and Chuck Berry: A Gentleman's Reader
    By Richard Gilmore
  5. Red Meat Can Kill Ya: A Cookbook
    By Luke Danes
  6. Crafting to Calm: A Relaxing Guide for When Everyone Around You Is Stupid
    By Paris Gellar
  7. Risking It All for Rock and Roll: Essays from a Musician, Friend, Wife, and Mom
    By Lane Kim
  8. Recipe for Disaster!
    By Sookie St. James
  9. 101 Songs to Sing to Your Zucchini
    By Jackson Belleville (Complete with accompanying CD.)
  10. Wrong Place, Wrong Time: A Life in Words
    By Christopher Hayden
  11. The Plight of the Nice Guy
    By Dean Forester
  12. A Case of Life and Death: Stories from The College Years
    By Logan Huntzberger
  13. Rebel With a Cause: My Journey From Defiant Youth to Brilliant Published Author
    By Jess Mariano (Can we tell who my favorite of Rory's suitors is? 😉)
  14. Strangling Your Husband Once a Year on Halloween, Or the Secret to a Healthy Marriage
    By Babette and Morey Dell
  15. Buckle Up, I'm Patty! A Memoir
    By Patricia "Miss Patty" LaCosta (Based on her one-woman show with Kirk. Would definitely come with an autographed poster.)
  16. Je ne veux pas être ici
    By Michel Gerard
  17. The (Mostly Accurate) History of Stars Hollow
    By Taylor Doose (With coupons redeemable at Doose's Market or Taylor's Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe and Candy Store.)
  18. Does Anyone Know Whose Dog This Is? Adventures and Other Tales from a Modern Renaissance Man
    By Kirk Gleason
  19. BONUS SEQUEL - Can't, These Aren't My Pants: Explanations for My Behavior
    By Kirk Gleason
  20. *Note: All titles subject to edits post-reunion episodes.