Well, I don't actually have cable TV anymore (don't worry - I still have an actual TV and Netflix/Hulu... I'm not a monster), but these are the ones I would totally watch if I did.
  1. The Pelican Brief
    All day, every day. One of my favorites. It is one of the only movies that I like better than the book (I'm sorry, John Grisham).
  2. Clue
    With gems like "This is WAR, Peacock!" and basically everything that comes out of Mrs. White's mouth, how can you go wrong?
  3. Remember the Titans
    Ah, Denzel Washington makes his second appearance on this list. But seriously, this movie has AMAZING music, hunky football players (looking at you, Gerry Bertier), and history.
  4. You've Got Mail
    Peak Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I really want to own/work in/visit The Shop Around the Corner.
  5. Any of the Die Hard movies
    Yippee-ky-yay.... My personal favorite, though is Live Free or Die Hard. Whatever genius decided that Bruce Willis and Justin Long should be co-stars deserves a round of applause.
  6. We're the Millers
    I think I have watched this so many times I could play the part of any main characters. The bloopers at the end make it *that* much better.
  7. White Christmas
    Nostalgia in movie form. I love the music. And the dancing. And the four main leads. Ok, I guess I love it all.
  8. Coach Carter
    Samuel L. Jackson and baby Channing Tatum. "RICH-what?" "RICHMOND!"
  9. A League of Their Own
    "There's no crying in baseball!"
  10. The Parent Trap
    The newer version. I want to live on Nick Parker's vineyard in Napa. So. Badly.
  11. I'm sure I'll continue to add to this when I see the title of another movie that always gets me...