Thank you @veshecco for the request ❤️ These aren't all of them, but a good bunch.
  1. "Love," Allen Stone
    Love's right there in the title. "Your heart is like a rubber band, when you give, it expands."
  2. "New History," Andy Davis
    (Not the right album, but I was too lazy to search for the right one.) It just feels like the beginning of something, all buzzed with excitement. "I don't know if I'm ready for new history, baby, oh but it feels right."
  3. "I'm With You," B.B. King
    The intro is perfect - goosebumps every time. "Whenever I'm around you, baby, you don't know what you do to me."
  4. "Love On Top," Beyoncé
    Beyoncé = love, right? "I can feel the sun whenever you're near, every time you touch me I just melt away."
  5. "I Feel Fine," The Beatles
    Basically how I want any prospective suitor to feel. "She's in love with me and I feel fine."
  6. "Brand New," Ben Rector
    This is perfect for driving with the windows down. "I feel like taking chances, I feel a lot like seventeen."
  7. "I Feel the Earth Move," Carole King
    Old school love. "I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down. I feel my heart start to trembling whenever you're around."
  8. "Sh-Boom," The Chords
    This version is my favorite. "Oh life could be a dream if I could take you up in paradise up above, if you would tell me I'm the only one that you love life would be a dream."
  9. "When He Sees Me," Sara Bareilles
    What I imagine my inner monologue is when I'm starting to crush on someone. "What if when he sees me I like him and he knows it?!"
  10. "I've Just Seen a Face," Jim Sturgess
    Just watch this scene in the Across the Universe. Either you'll know exactly how Jude feels or you'll fall a little bit in love with Jim Sturgess (both are good). "Had it been another day I might've looked the other way and I'd have never been aware, but as it is I'll dream of her tonight."
  11. "Finally Falling," Mayer Hawthorne
    "Finally Falling" is the epitome of finally finding someone you like and everything just going right for once. "But the day that you came into my life I started to believe it was possible, there's a feeling so unstoppable I can't control."
  12. "Coming Home," Leon Bridges
    This song feels like a hug. "Baby, baby, baby I'm coming home to your tender sweet loving."
  13. "You're All I Need to Get By," Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
    Duets, anyone? No but seriously I want to sing this as a duet. "There's no, no looking back for us - we've got love, sure 'nough that's enough, you're all, you're all I need to get by."
  14. "The Gambler," fun.
    I love that this is a structured love story. "I swear when I grow up I won't just buy you a rose; I will buy the flower shop and you will never be lonely."
  15. "Clara," Punch Brothers
    Perhaps the best way to describe this is a mix of potential love and/or unsure love? This is another story, but very different from "The Gambler." "Clara once upon a time your mother didn't love your father the best, but he made believe that she did one day it was true."
  16. "Love is Everywhere I Go," Sam Phillips
    The title says it all, I think. "Love is everywhere I go, looking through you."
  17. "Be Be Your Love," Rachael Yamagata
    Not many of the songs I've listed here are about longing, but this one is. "Everybody's talking how I can't be your love, but I want want want to be your love."
  18. "Dance With Me," Sweet Talk Radio
    This song is perfect for dancing, of course. "Take a chance with me, gamble on romance with me - if they'd always played it safe, where would legendary lovers be?"
  19. "The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)," Otis Redding
    Pure contentment (in the best way). "Those good old happy songs give you such a feeling, a lovely, lovely feeling."