Thanks @BWN_7 for the request 😊
  1. I think I would go back to my tenth birthday.
    (I've been thinking about this for a while now and I really didn't think I was going to pick a birthday, but here we are.)
  2. The first part of the day was spent with my friends.
    We got our hair styled in crazy ways and had our nails painted.
  3. The absolute best part of the day came later, though, at my family gathering that night.
    My aunts and uncles and close family friends came over to our house, like they did every year.
  4. We were sitting in the living room and I was opening presents.
    Again, not unusual.
  5. And then everybody got kind of quiet and turned around.
  6. Someone brought a yellow lab puppy into the living room and put her on the floor.
    She kind of stumbled, as puppies do, and I vividly remember asking "Whose puppy is that?!" (Keep in mind that I am a 10 year old who is obsessed with puppies. Not unlike my 22 year old self who is still obsessed with puppies.)
  7. My parents grinned and said, "She's yours."
  8. After that first day, I proceeded to maul her for the next twelve years.
    As a puppy that irritated her, but she loved it when she got older.