But then reality slapped those hopes down.
  1. Cake balls
    Cake, frosting, chocolate, usually some sprinkles... how can these not be the best?! They left me just wanting a real piece of cake.
  2. The first season of Parks & Recreation.
    I came a little late to the party and had very high expectations. SO glad this show survived after the first year and proved how wonderfully weird it could be.
  3. Moleskine notebooks
    As an office supply junkie, I know I should like these. They are so pretty and tempting. But they just aren't right for me.
  4. IKEA candles.
    They smell soooo good in the store. I figured they would be even better when lit and that they would make my apartment smell like a giant green apple. False.
  5. And probably other things, but I've since tried to forget about them...