@nathanveshecco, thank you. These are just some things, though, because I don't know how to write about the rest.
  1. Vocal idiosyncrasies.
    Rarely do people sound the same. Sort of related, but one of my favorite things is hearing singers take a breath in the middle of a song, or hearing their voice break during a phrase. These can be so distinct and defining.
  2. Cover songs.
    I love the different takes people have on songs and that, no matter what the original intent was, people can have their own meaning for it.
  3. Singing.
    Alone in the car or anywhere really. My favorite was singing in a small group where, when the notes go together perfectly, you're connected with all of the other voices and you can feel it.
  4. Variety.
    No matter what you're feeling, there's a song for every occasion.
  5. History.
    How better to learn about people than through what they take solace in or find anthemic? Music is one of those things that evolves and can show who we are and where we've been.