For some reason this is the one errand that freaks me out every single time I do it.
  1. Oh my god it's so crowded
  2. Wait is that guy gesturing at me?
  3. Where does he want me to go?
  4. Okay I'm in line. I'm doing okay.
  5. Shit how far am I supposed to pull forward
  6. They want me to get out? Even though I got the cheapest wash that only does the outside?
  7. Where the hell do I pay
  8. Is this on an honor system or something because no one has charged me yet
  9. People are paying inside so I guess I should too?
  10. Damn it I left my wallet in my car. I really shouldn't have it attached to my keys.
  11. I wonder if I left without paying if anyone would notice
  12. Wow I'm kind of a bad person sometimes
  13. Oh god how do I know when my car is ready?
  14. Am I the only one harboring this much anxiety over this errand???? I think so
  15. How does everyone know exactly how to do this? Was there a memo sent out or maybe a class that I should've taken?
  16. Watching the cars go through reminds me of that scene in A Cinderella Story when those twats Sam had for step sisters fight in the car wash and somehow make it out alive.
  17. Shoot I wasn't paying attention I wonder if my car already went through
  18. Why did I put myself through this? My car is just gonna get dirty again
  19. Should I have gotten a wax? Does that even make a difference?
  20. Why don't I know any of this? I can do calculus and write computer programs for Christ sake I don't need this
  21. Shoot, wasn't paying attention again. I wonder where my car is.
  22. Okay it has to have gone through by now. I think.
  23. Where the fuck am I supposed to pick it up? They should really make these things clear.
  24. Oh my god it's been sitting in the parking lot for ten minutes. I'm an idiot.
  25. Wow I forgot my car was white.
  26. I guess that was worth ten dollars.
  27. But fuck that confusing establishment. Not going back for at least another 6 months.
  28. Wait are you supposed to get your car cleaned more often? Is it good for it? Like getting your teeth cleaned?
  29. Who cares. Fuck it.