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  1. Your period is coming, I promise
    Okay so I know you're freaking out because you don't feel like a woman cause you haven't had it and your younger sister has... but girl, you're an athlete, it's coming and you'll hate it.
  2. Thick > Skinny (for you, not everyone)
    I know, all your friends are supermodels and you feel like seal blubber but trust me, you can lift more than alllllll those ladies combined. So who cares what your body looks like? You'll also figure out that it doesn't matter what your body looks like, it's about your heart.
  3. Trust your gut
    It will tell you funny things like, "Meg, that person is an a-hole" and you'll try to ignore it... but you'll soon find out that that person is an a-hole.
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Because I've been doing data entry for three weeks and have three more weeks to go...
  1. 99% invisible
    Unnoticed architecture and design
  2. Reply All
    All about the interwebz
  3. Radiolab
    Curious, very curious
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