1. Your period is coming, I promise
    Okay so I know you're freaking out because you don't feel like a woman cause you haven't had it and your younger sister has... but girl, you're an athlete, it's coming and you'll hate it.
  2. Thick > Skinny (for you, not everyone)
    I know, all your friends are supermodels and you feel like seal blubber but trust me, you can lift more than alllllll those ladies combined. So who cares what your body looks like? You'll also figure out that it doesn't matter what your body looks like, it's about your heart.
  3. Trust your gut
    It will tell you funny things like, "Meg, that person is an a-hole" and you'll try to ignore it... but you'll soon find out that that person is an a-hole.
  4. Disappointing people is a-okay
    I know it's your biggest fear but trust me, you gotta get over it. You're not perfect, girl.
  5. Success is not measured by your job
    Or how much you make, or your car, or your possessions. It's measured by what your friends say about you when they are asked to describe you. It's amount how much you can put in and how much you can give back. You've got a big, strong heart for a reason!
  6. Take every single (even crazy) chance
    The more you try (and sometimes fail) the more you will learn.
  7. Follow your heart (anywhere)
    It's going to lead you into heartache and despair but girl, you need that to become the strong woman you are.
  8. Never settle for mediocre
    You'll be told three times in the next ten years, "you could be happy doing anything". But don't just settle for happy, fight for the best and you'll be so excited every single day.
  9. Look up
    Especially when you're on that bridge in the middle of the night. The sky will be the most incredible sight. And by the way, the moon sets... you won't know this for ten more years.
  10. Breathe
    Anytime your emotions are bubbling. Anytime you need a second. Anytime you look around you and feel nothing but stress or beauty or gratitude. Breathe.