Because I've been doing data entry for three weeks and have three more weeks to go...
  1. 99% invisible
    Unnoticed architecture and design
  2. Reply All
    All about the interwebz
  3. Radiolab
    Curious, very curious
  4. How Did This Get Made
    A mockery of terrible films
  5. Under The Influence
    An exploration of modern advertising (CBC)
  6. Barbell Shrugged
    Weightlifting, mobility, things I like to do when I'm not doing data entry
  7. Doublex Gabfest
    Women, talking about important things and feminism (Slate)
  8. Political Gabfest
    Discussing politics (think: Trump, Brexit, etc) (Slate)
  9. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Pop culture fun times! (NPR)
  10. Embedded
    Delving deep into a particular news story each week (NPR)
  11. Throwing Shade
    Comedy with women's rights, gay rights and pop culture
  12. The Dollop
    Comedians examine historical things!
  13. Welcome to Night Vale
    Fictional stories and updates about the mysterious town of Night Vale
  14. The Worst Idea of All Time
    Comedians watching the same movie every week for a year... And talking about it
  15. Lore
    True life and scary stories examined
  16. Someone Knows Something
    Investigating cold cases (CBC)
  17. Alice Isn't Dead
    Serial fiction from the team of Welcome to Night Vale
  18. Guys We F**cked
    Anti slut-shaming, comedians being unapologetic about sex and interview men they've slept with
  19. Anna Faris is Unqualified
    And so is everyone else. Interviews with people on where they started and how they got to where they are now
  20. Stuff You Should Know
    See title
  21. Stuff You Missed in History Class
    See title, again
  22. Criminal
    Crime... duh.
  23. The Balanced Bite
    Healthy eating advice that I will listen to and probably rarely implement
  24. Detective
    A retired detective's true stories
  25. Professor Blastoff
    Science, theology and the metaphysical
  26. Quirks and Quarks
    Scientific inquiry (CBC)
  27. Freakonomics
    The hidden science of everything... And I still haven't read this book
  28. Mystery Show
    All about solving mysteries
  29. How to do Everything
    Half advice, half survival (NPR)
  30. Revisionist History
    Malcolm Gladwell interprets the past
  31. Inside Quest
    Influences, lessons learned all on the path to success
  32. The Memory Palace
    Story telling about the past
  33. 2 Dope Queens
    Stories about sex, race, romance and life in NYC
  34. Surprisingly Awesome
    The hidden awesomeness in everyday things (Gimlet)
  35. Love + Radio
    Storytelling and interviews on a diverse range of subjects
  36. Magic Lessons
    Elizabeth Gilbert helps unlock creativity and find work-life balance
  37. Planet Money
    The economy, explained (NPR)
  38. TED Radio Hour
    Ideas and inventions just like TED talks (TED and NPR)
  39. Women of the Hour
    Lena Dunham's podcast on friendship, love, sex, work, bodies, etc. @lenadunham
  40. Harvard Edcast
    Harvard Graduate School of Education (where I would really love to do my PhD one day...) on helping children succeed
  41. Israel Story
    Stories of life in Israel you don't hear in mainstream media
  42. And if you haven't listened to these, get on them ASAP!
    This American Life, Invisibilia, Serial, Truth and Justice, Undisclosed