(In no particular order)
  1. Waking up without an alarm, fully rested with the sun peeking in through the blinds
  2. Lazy mornings spent drinking coffee and reading the newspaper
    I am a grandpa.
  3. Drinking coffee anytime of day
  4. The smell of coffee when you walk into a coffee shop
  5. Road trips alone
    So much time to think and sing obnoxiously loud with the radio without judgement and the freedom of the open road
  6. Road trips with friends
    People to sing obnoxiously loud with
  7. Taylor Swift
    Old Taylor Swift, new Taylor Swift, it's all good imho
  8. Driving with the windows down on a country road
    Preferably with country music blasting on the car stereo
  9. Chatting with friendly old people in coffee shops
  10. The smell of freshly shampooed hair
  11. Getting into bed with clean sheets and shaved legs
  12. Cuddling with someone in bed
    Doesn't even have to be romantic, I love jumping into my sisters bed on cold winter mornings for long chats under warm blankets
  13. Sleeping in a cold room under mountains of warm blankets
  14. Ice cream
  15. The MTO kiosks at Sheetz
    If you don't live in a place where there is sheetz I am so sorry because you are missing out
  16. Taking a hot shower after a long day of hard work
  17. Horseback riding
  18. The rewarding feeling of reaching the top after a long hike
  19. Any kind of scenic overlook
  20. Cliff jumping
  21. Making a picture perfect ice cream sundae and serving it to a grateful customer
    I work at an ice cream shop in the summer and take great pride in my ice cream artistry
  22. Dangling my feet in a cold creek on a hot summers day
  23. Mountains
  24. Finding the perfect pair of new jeans
  25. Slipping into a pair of old jeans that have stretched to fit your perfectly
  26. Unique ear piercings
    I have a forward helix, tragus, and rook piercings, and I especially love the look of industrial piercings
  27. Long talks with good friends in the hay loft of my family's barn
  28. Little baby barn kittens
  29. Flannel shirts
  30. Reality television
    It's my guilty pleasure
  31. Grey's Anatomy
  32. Hospitals
    Maybe this one is kind of weird, but I want to be a doctor someday, and there's something about hospitals that just feels so safe and exciting
  33. Autumn leaves
  34. Bonfires
  35. Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
  36. Not wearing socks or shoes
  37. Cuddling my dog
  38. Chatting with my college roommate when we are both in bed for way to long into the night even though we have class in the morning
  39. Bacteria art
  40. Candles
  41. Getting lost in a good book
  42. Attending a really engaging lecture from a great professor
  43. Little black dresses
  44. Owls
    So cute!
  45. Watching a horse gallop through a field
    (I wish I could put a video of my horse Ebony running through the field like a total goof this morning but apparently we can't list videos yet...)
  46. Finding the perfect gif for your current conversation
  47. Rock climbing
  48. The freedom of traveling alone
  49. The fun of traveling with friends
  50. Puppy kisses
  51. Cozy sweaters
  52. Pullover hoodies
  53. Coloring
  54. Documentaries
  55. Have a few pints in an Irish pub with good friends and great music
    I miss living in Ireland mainly for this reason
  56. William & Mary
    Alma mater hail
  57. Walking down DOG street in Williamsburg at night
  58. Stargazing
  59. Harry Potter
  60. That flip feeling in your stomach when you go over a hill a little too fast in your car or go down the big hill on a roller coaster
  61. Matt Bomer
  62. Holiday dinners with my extended family
    They are loud, and crazy, and sometimes a little outrageous, but I love them
  63. Cheering on team USA in the Olympics
  64. TWLOHA
  65. Sunny days
  66. Coffee dates with my best friend
  67. Converse sneakers
  68. Underdog stories
  69. The US Women's National Soccer Team
  70. Worship church services
  71. When a song comes on that perfectly expresses how I feel in a given moment
  72. Warm meals on cold days
    Preferably cooked by someone else because cooking is not something I excel at
  73. Meeting friendly dogs
  74. Red roses
    Potential suitors take note
  75. When a plan goes off without a hitch
  76. Laying on the floor in the dark listening to Regina Spektor on vinyl
  77. Amazon Prime
    How did I shop online before I have Prime
  78. Science
  79. Talking to people about their passions
    I love seeing that sparkle in their eyes and hearing the excitement in their voice
  80. The feeling of accomplishment and the clear mind you experience after a long run
    And by long I mean like three miles because I'm not that athletic
  81. Rooms with lots of windows
  82. Apple products
  83. Words of affirmation
  84. Black V-neck tee shirts
    So versatile, so comfortable, so easily disguised as being nicer than a tee shirt
  85. The Wren Building
  86. Hearing people's stories
  87. The smells of the countryside
  88. Mexican food
  89. Chinese takeout
  90. Feeling part of a community
  91. Reading blogs
  92. Watching the sunset
  93. Setting goals and then achieving those girls
  94. Reusable water bottles
  95. Amusement parks
  96. Text messages from friends telling me how much I mean to them
  97. Snapchat
  98. Fruit snacks
  99. My family ❤️