I have low key had an account for months but haven't taken the plunge to publish my first list so I'm kind of a newbie?
  1. Hello! My name is Miranda! (This seems like a good way to start an introduction?)
    This is me, circa a few months ago when my hair was significantly more red
  2. Still Miranda...
    This is me more recently, with a more accurate hair color, also a more accurate depiction of my inability to be photogenic
  3. I like science!
    This is me (with some friends) depicted using bacteria. Because I am a biology major (with a chemistry minor, if I ever bother to hand in the paperwork...) @ The College of William & Mary and I really love microbiology.
  4. I also like to travel!
    I lived in Ireland for five-ish months last spring while I was studying abroad and it was the hardest but also most rewarding thing I've done as a quasi-adult human (potential future list on the topic...)
  5. I'm an animal lover!
    At school, my roommate and I co-parent a moody Beta Fish named Octavius. At home, my family has a menagerie of animals, including a puppy (Sherlock), many barn cats (+ new baby kittens!), 5 horses, andddd I think that's it (for now)
  6. I think that's all of the exclamatory comments I can come up with about myself for now, but I'm going to try to list more often startingggg... Now!
    (I also welcome list requests because tbh I am not a very creative person and coming up with list ideas intimidates me)