Favorite quotes

Some of these are slightly truncated to fit
  1. (David Mamet) This applies to more than just acting
    At the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, Sanford Meisner said, 'When you go into the professional world, at a stock theatre somewhere, backstage, you will meet an older actor, someone who has been around awhile. He will tell you tales and anecdotes, about life in the theatre. He will speak to you about your performance and the performances of others, and he will generalize to you, based on his experience and his intuitions, about the laws of the stage. Ignore this man!'
  2. (Christopher Alexander) I think there was a related Steve Jobs quote about solving hard problems by finding harder problems...
    In my life...I find that the single thing which inhibits young professionals, new students most severely, is their acceptance of standards that are too low. If I ask a student whether her design is as good as Chartres, she often smiles tolerantly at me as if to say, “Of course not, that isn’t what I am trying to do....I could never do that.” Then, I express my disagreement, and tell her: That standard must be our standard. If you are going to be a builder, no other standard is worthwhile.
  3. More to come...