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  1. I fucking love journals
  2. I love them so much
  3. Crafted to look beautiful and hold secrets
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  1. "Life is just a closet full of pool toys"
    -Amy Poehler (Yes Please)
  2. "You can't over dry and you can't over die"
    -Jerry Seinfeld (S1:E1)
  3. "You can't nap your way out of this one"
    - My Dad (Life in General)
  4. "Dolores Umbridge is the satan's spawn"
I might hate these in a few months
  1. Hasta el Amancer
    Nicky Jam
  2. Oblivious
    The Strokes
  3. 7
    Catfish and the Bottlemen
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I should've done this awhile ago
  1. I got the list app as soon as BJ announced it
  2. I'm really bad at writing lists but I have such an appreciation for the amazing, talented people that contribute on this platform
  3. I'm a huge fan of this picture
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